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The Best Way to Exercise on the Keto Diet

Keto Diet Exercise

So you just got into the groove of your new keto diet and you’re looking forward to hitting the pavement. You grab your fitness clothes, dust them off, and start your sprint around the neighborhood. 5 minutes into your sprint you realize you’re getting exhausted. Really quickly.

A ketogenic diet can actually make it a little harder to do high-intensity exercise, so don’t give up. High intense exercises require a lot of carbohydrates. While on the keto diet, you don’t take in as many carbs, which gives you the energy to work out in the first place. Therefore, your only source left is fat, which makes more intense, elevated activity harder to achieve.

But like we said, Don’t give up and more importantly Don’t beat yourself up. If you feel like you aren’t working as hard as you should, it’s totally normal and we’re here for you.

So here’s what we’re saying: to get a more effective keto workout, try sticking with the low-intensity stuff, but for longer durations. This can help you still burn a good amount of calories for a longer duration of workout time.

Here are 4 types of keto-friendly workouts:

Low-Intensity Cardio

Aerobic activity (in other words, cardio) consists of doing low-intensity workouts to boost cardiovascular health. It can include swimming, biking, running, etc. Aerobic exercise can increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, and decrease stress. Essentially most cardio workouts done at a low intensity is doable on keto.

Aerobic workouts: biking, swimming, fast-paced walking, slow-paced running, cross-country skiing, kickboxing, hiking, jumping jacks, stair climbers, ellipticals, stair steppers


Flexibility exercises are one of the best ways to workout on the Keto diet. Why? It keeps our joints and muscles healthy and improves your everyday fitness levels. Yoga falls under these types of workouts, which offer amazing mental health and destressing benefits as well.

Flexibility workouts: Yoga, soft stretching, Pilates, lunges, squats

Stability Exercises

Stability exercises involve your balance and core training. Not only can core exercises help you increase your posture and stop getting text neck, but you will find that they repair torn/strained muscles and ligaments (pair this workout with SomaDerm to help improve muscles/joints). Stability exercises can also strengthen the parts of your body that might need it the most: hips, back, butt, and more.

Stability Workouts:
Balance – Side plank with torso rotation, Single leg squats, speed skaters, lunges, Tai Chi, balance ball activities, Yoga

Core – Plank, bicycle crunches, bridge, leg raises, sit-ups with/without medicine ball, Kayaking, swimming, superman

Resistance Training

Resistance training is working on building muscle strength. However, instead of going for those 30 pounders, keto-supported workouts are best when using lighter weights. Even then, a consistent routine in resistance training could have you looking like keto expert Thomas DeLauer in no time.

Resistance Workouts: pushups, dumbbell/kettlebell training, bicep curls, bench press, resistance band workouts, box step-up, mountain climbers (steady and slow)

Keep in mind, by sticking to your keto food basics and taking effective supplements (like our KetoDay® and KetoNight® products), you’ll have a more effective fitness routine. We hope that we’ve helped you in some way to feel encouraged to continuously improve your fitness routine while on keto.

Now what are you waiting for? Success is just around the corner!


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