These are challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a historically-difficult business environment. It is incumbent on all firms, including New U Life, to regularly reassess its responsibilities during this period — responsibilities to its staff and its distributors alike.

This message concerns our responsibility to assist you, as independent business owners, to operate in full conformance with law while selling and marketing New U Life products. The FDA clearly prohibits those marketing and selling homeopathic preparations (SomaDerm) and dietary supplements (KetoGen4, KG4, and Keto Day and Keto Night) from claiming that these products are used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease or disease state. These prohibitions must now, more than ever, be followed with exactitude. Specifically, all distributors must refrain from making any claims, either express or implicit, concerning New U Life products and their ability to prevent or treat COVID-19 (known as the “Coronavirus”), their ability to treat any of its symptoms, or their ability to slow or stop its spread.

We at New U Life strenuously reject and condemn any such statements, in any form. As independent business owners, you should protect yourselves, and our family, by never using the terms “COVID-19,” “Coronavirus,” “Corona,” or any associated terms, in connection with your business. Do not employ any text or imagery – including captions, hashtags, stories and the like – on any marketing platform, that explicitly or implicitly references “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus.” Similarly, do not employ text or images that imply a connection between New U Life, New U Life products, or your business, and “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus.”

Following these restrictions is critical to not only your business, but more importantly, the health and safety of our New U Life family. In these harrowing times, disseminating confusing or misleading information regarding the virus and the disease it causes may endanger the public’s health and safety. As an organization dedicated to changing lives and improving health, New U Life, above all companies, must ensure that we are not complicating the heroic work of health professionals in keeping us all safe. To that end, we again reiterate that New U Life’s products do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in any capacity.